This section discusses the various treatments available for dental fear and dental phobia. Both of these conditions are a heightened response to a potential danger: which in this case is visiting the dentist.

Whilst this might appear a trivial concern, it is in fact a far more common problem than many people realise. It is realistic to assume that most people do not enjoy a visit to their dentist but recognise that it is an important preventative measure and good for their teeth.

But there are people who have developed an intense fear and dislike to the extent that they are unable to set foot in a dentist’s surgery. Unfortunately, by not doing so they are storing up problems in the long term which include tooth decay, gum disease and even medical conditions such as diabetes.

What treatment is available for dental fear/phobia?

Many dentists are trained to deal with cases of dental fear/phobia and will offer support and advice. They will also be able to recommend any of the following treatments:

Find out more about any of these forms of treatments. Each of these is discussed in greater detail as an individual section.

Find a dentist who is familiar with nervous patients and is prepared to sit down and discuss your fears with you as well as suggesting any of these treatments.

Once you have taken that first step towards confronting your fears then it will become easier. Talk to others in a similar position, visit online forums and consider counselling if necessary.

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