Fast Acting Braces

This is the name given to a category of braces which includes the Inman Aligner and the Six Month Smiles brace. Other options include the Lingual brace, Invisalign and Damon braces.

Fast acting braces work quickly at straightening your teeth, often in a fraction of the time compared to the standard metal and wire brace. This is one of several attractions of this type of brace.

Advantages of fast acting braces

The most obvious reason for choosing a fast acting brace is the speed at which they move misaligned teeth back into their correct position.

Many people dislike the idea of wearing a brace but if they have to wear one then would prefer something which repositions their teeth as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Plus there is the fact that they are not as obvious as the metal and wire brace. No-one will notice if you are wearing a brace.   

These braces are removed between meals which make them easier to clean and less risk of food debris becoming trapped under or around the brace. This cleaning can form part of your daily oral routine.

Disadvantages of fast acting braces

There are advantages and disadvantages with all types of braces. The main disadvantage with fast acting braces is price: these types of braces are not cheap and can be more expensive than conventional metal and wire braces.

Plus there may be situations where these braces are not suitable. There are people who have a serious orthodontic problem such as a bad bite or a jaw disorder which excludes them from wearing a fast acting brace.

This type of brace may not be strong or supportive enough which means having to wear a metal and wire brace.

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