These forms of treatment are used in order to combat the effects of snoring which can harm the sleeping patterns of individuals and their loved ones.

In this section we discuss the various methods of treatment which could help you achieve that undisturbed night of sleep that you are longing for.


When you are fast asleep and deep in REM, the muscles around your neck relax. Due to this, the muscles found in your mouth and throat also relax. This occasionally results in the soft tissue of your throat vibrating therefore snoring happening. Many of us snore but some do this louder than others, which can cause distress not just on the person snoring but those in close vicinity.

The reason why we don't snore when we are awake is because the tone of the muscles found in these areas are dramatically improved, which maintain our airways in such a good shape that these vibrations do not occur.

However, for those suffering from snoring there are several products and forms of treatments which can assist in achieving a peaceful night's sleep.


Made from the incredibly strong Chrome Cobalt, which is normally used to create other high quality products such as crowns, bridges and dentures, Somnowell has one major advantage if you are considering choosing this product. This reason is that it is impermeable when under attack from bacteria and germs.

Other products which are created using acrylic material have a tendency to succumb to harmful elements but with Somnowell this product is designed to last for a substantial period of time.

Whilst you are asleep, the Somnowell device holds your mouth in the recovery position which (as every paramedic, doctor and other qualified medical personnel will tell you) enables you to have a well maintained airway when you most need it.

Unlike other forms of treatment which are aimed at helping patients with their snoring, Somnowell uses a distinct lower jaw connection socket which allows for the tongue to have more movement when it wishes to do so.

The Somnowell apparatus is designed not just to assist you in resolving your snoring problems but for the wearer to do so in a pain free fashion.


Custom made for each and every patient, the SLEEPWELL works by holding the jaw forward by two to three centimetres which alleviates pressure on the back of the throat.

After talking through the advantages of how SLEEPWELL can benefit your own or even your loved one's life, an impression of your mouth will be taken and your very own SLEEPWELL can be used as soon as you want it to be.

You normally need only two visits (consultation and then your own SLEEPWELL fitted to your mouth after it being designed in a specially selected laboratory) so there is no requirement for several appointments.


An easy to use treatment for those who suffer from sleep apnea (a serious breathing disorder which affects many and if not treated can cause an increased mortality rate) Orthoapnea is made out of such strong materials as titanium screws. The Orthoapnea holds the teeth in place whilst pushing the jaw forward so when the patient is fast asleep their airway allows for greater breathing circulation which, in turn, reduces the vibrations attributed to snoring.

Patients who use Orthoapnea normally find that their sleeping patterns return to normal in a surprisingly fast time.


Consisting of a pair of clear plastic aligners which are moulded to fit the patient's teeth that are placed on top of both the upper and lower teeth, these sections are connected at the side via plastic links.

This allows for the patient's lower jaw to be gently pushed forward therefore allowing for greater amounts of air to leave and enter the patient rather than causing excessive snoring.

Surgery is an option for those suffering from snoring but this is used only as a last resort.

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