Cosmetic braces

This is a category of braces which are worn to improve your facial appearance, namely that of your smile. These braces are white or transparent and are designed to be as discreet as possible.

They are one of several options to the traditional ‘train track’ braces.

Braces are a type of orthodontic device which are worn to correct any number of dental or facial abnormalities such as malocclusion, under/overbite, TMJ, crowded teeth and spacing between teeth.

In these cases there is a clear dental need for a brace which is discussed in more detail in the orthodontics section.

This section discusses the various types of braces worn as part of a smile makeover or for purely cosmetic reasons. In either case the aim is to straighten the teeth and improve their appearance. This will also improve your smile.

A cosmetic brace is often included as part of an overall treatment plan which includes porcelain veneers and crowns plus inlays and onlays.

Examples of cosmetic braces

There is a range of braces to choose from which include:

These are often known as fast acting braces in that they speed up the period of time in which the teeth are moved into the desired position.

Plus many of these are made from a tooth coloured or transparent plastic and without any wires or brackets. But if they do contain any of these fittings then these are also tooth coloured.

These braces are light and comfortable to wear. They are designed to be as unobtrusive as possible and as a boost to your self worth.   

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