Mini implants

These are very similar to the full sized dental implants but are often recommended in cases such as securing a denture in the bottom jaw or insufficient bone density in the jaw.

Plus they are also an option for people who only require a single dental implant (with a single restoration).

Mini implants are a good alternative to dentures and bridges and are as equally as effective as their full sized counterpart.

What is a mini implant?

This is a smaller version of the standard dental implant. It is made from the same material, e.g. titanium alloy and is similar in appearance to a household screw. A small ring known as an ‘O ring’ is placed on top which acts as a strong foundation for the restoration. 

Most mini implants are produced from pure titanium which is available in different grades.

Advantages of mini implants

These are tough, long lasting devices which has the added advantage of being small enough to remove by the patient. This means that they are able to remove their false tooth/teeth to clean and care for.

These are often preferred to the full size implant which may be due to reasons of cost. The mini implant is cheaper than a full size implant.

A mini implant can be fitted quickly and easily and the restoration/s attached – all within the same day. Plus they are an option for people who do not want to undergo the more complex procedure for a full implant.

Disadvantages of mini implants

There are a few limitations with mini implants which include:

  • Not a long term solution
  • They cannot be used with dentures
  • Not as stable as a full sized implant
  • They can only be used in the lower jaw
  • Potential risk of metal fatigue or fracture due to the thinness of the implant.

These are factors to consider when deciding between full and mini implants.

How are mini implants fitted?

This is a minimally invasive procedure which is carried out under a local anaesthetic. It tends to be quicker than the procedure for the full size implant.

If they are used to secure a denture in the lower jaw then the process involves the insertion of a series of mini implants into this jaw at regular spaces. Your denture is placed back into your mouth and adjusted so that it sits on top of these implants. It should fit securely in place.

Many people are able to eat light foods on the day of their procedure.

A mini implant can be inserted for a single tooth replacement.

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