Cosmetic dentistry is a branch of dentistry which discussed treatments which are undertaken to improve the appearance of the teeth. There is not a clearly defined dental need for these but they confer a range of physical and psychological benefits.

If you have teeth which you are self-conscious about or are ashamed to show in public then have a look at the treatments mentioned within this section.

They include:

Note: the use of the word ‘cosmetic’: these are types of treatments which enhance the look and feel of your teeth but are not essential.

If you have teeth which are stained, out of position, contain gaps, are crooked or badly chipped then consider any of these procedures.

A set of healthy, white, perfectly shaped teeth are a boost to anyone’s confidence and self esteem. Some people may consider this to be a frivolous concern but your teeth are important and how they look will affect your lifestyle and overall sense of well being.

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